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Public Involvement

This project is being developed using elements of Context Sensitive Solutions, or CSS. Elements of the CSS approach will provide stakeholders with the tools and information they require to effectively participate in the Study process including providing an understanding of the PEL and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) processes, transportation planning guidelines, design guidelines, and the relationship between transportation issues (needs), project objectives (purpose), and project alternatives. In other words, using the CSS process should provide all project stakeholders a mechanism to share comments or concerns about transportation objectives and project alternatives, as well as improve the ability of the project team to understand and address concerns raised. This integrated approach to problem solving and decision-making will help build community collaboration and promote involvement through the Study process.

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Advisory Group

A Community Advisory Group has been established to provide input throughout the Study. The CAG will include community leaders from Quincy, native American tribes, local businesses, interest groups, and members of the public. The consultant team will guide the CAG by sharing information and fostering discussion on specific Study issues, allowing for more specialized discussions and input, and aiding in a better understanding of the goals and objectives. The CAG will meet four times throughout the Study and may be held virtually or in person. Meeting materials will be posted to this site.

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